Mild red eyes can happen with or without contact lenses but it’s usually temporary and nothing to worry about. Some causes of red eyes are:

  • Being tired
  • Allergies
  • Wearing contact lenses longer than recommended
  • Sensitivity to contact lens materials or solutions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If your eyes are red and you are experiencing pain or impaired vision, remove contact lenses if you are wearing them, and contact your Eye Care Professional immediately.

How To Avoid Eye Irritation And Maintain Comfort

Your eyes naturally have a layer of moisture, but sometimes your lifestyle can throw this balance off. Here are some tips for specific situations to help stay on top of things:



1. Put your contact lenses on before you apply makeup

2. Using water-resistant mascara and eyeliner can help to prevent flaking or smudging

3. Hypoallergenic or oil-free make-up and make-up removers are the best choice when wearing lenses

4. Avoid wearing contact lenses when having your hair dyed or permed as the chemicals can cause irritation to your eyes

5. If using hairspray, try to apply it before putting on your contact lenses. If you have contact lenses on already, ensure you close your eyes when applying hairspray

6. If your eyes are swollen, red or infected, contact your Eye Care Professional and don’t wear make-up or contact lenses



1. Take regular breaks from looking at your screen. Readjust every 20 minutes by looking at objects at various distances.

2. Remember to blink frequently. It may sound obvious, but when using digital devices, we blink five times less than normally

3. To avoid dryness symptoms drink lots of water, to stay as hydrated as possible

4. If dryness symptoms persist or you get persistent eye strain, contact your Eye Care Professional



1. Always carry your glasses with you just in case you need them

2. Pack light with a travel size contact lens solution and rewetting drops just in case

3. When travelling by air, try to keep your glasses, contact lenses, case, and solution in your carry-on luggage. If your luggage is lost, you don’t want to be left without your contact lenses or without a way to remove them at the end of the day.

4. You may find it more comfortable to wear your glasses on long distance flights as the cabin air is often very dry

5. Stick to your usual routine, it’s important to stay on track with replacing your contact lenses, even if you’re in a new time zone.

6. Be prepared: if you are wearing reusable contact lenses, bring along one or two extra pairs in case you lose or damage your current pair. You can also speak with your Eye Care Professional about using daily disposable contact lenses when travelling

7. Don’t forget to remove your contact lenses if you decide to sleep on a long journey

8. Remember to avoid getting tap water on your lenses, and remove lenses when showering, swimming, or doing water sports.


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