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REASONS TO GET Contact Lenses

Improved Sport Performance

65% of teenagers* said wearing contact lenses helps them perform better at sport. Contact lenses enable greater peripheral vision, so you can see more of the pitch, field or court.

Easy to Care For

89% of teenagers* said they find it easy to clean and care for contact lenses. Once you get into the routine of putting on, taking off and cleaning your lenses, it is likely to become second nature.

Feeling Confident

73% of teenagers* said reactions to my “new look without glasses” was very positive. Contact lenses can help improve how you see and feel about yourself and how people see you.


"Contact Lenses are hard to handle."

Putting them on is simple, it just takes some practice.

"I’ll feel them on my eyes."

You might notice them at first, but soon you’ll get used to them.

"I’m worried about irritating my eyes"

If your lenses are clean and you care for them correctly you should have nothing to worry about.

"My parents won’t let me get contact lenses."

Try talking to your parents about how you think contact lenses will benefit you, and explain how you will clean and care for them. 

"My eyes aren’t like everyone else's."

Talk to your Eye Care Professional, they’ll help you find the right contact lenses.

"Cleaning contact lenses sounds difficult."

Cleaning your lenses is simple, it just takes some practice. See How to Care for Your Lenses.

"Contact Lenses can be a hassle."

Taking care of them is all about creating a routine. Find out more. 

"Contact Lenses are hard to remove."

As with most new habits, all it takes is practice and patience.

GET STARTED Contact Lenses

Ready to get started with contact lenses?

Let an Eye Care Professional help find the right ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses for you.

†Please note professional eye examination and fitting fees may apply. GCC residents 18 or over only. One trial per person. Eligibility subject to Eye Care Professional. Participating Eye Care Professionals only.

* Walline JJ, Jones LA, Rah MJ, et al; CLIP Study Group. Contact Lenses in Pediatric (CLIP) Study: Benefits of Contact Lens Wear for Children and Teens. Eye & Contact Lens 33(6): 317-321, 2007.