Why sign up to MYFIRST30™?

Why sign up to MYFIRST30™?

MYFIRST30™ is designed to provide you with lots of helpful information during your first month of wearing contact lenses.

We’ll send you tips to help you:

  • Put in and take out your contact lenses
  • Establish an easy contact lens wear and care routine
  • Enjoy comfortable contact lens wear
  • Deal with dry eyes
  • Know what to do if your eyes become red
  • Restore clear vision, if your eyesight becomes blurred
  • Keep your eyes as healthy as possible
  • Enjoy all the great benefits of contact lens wear

My First 30

MYFIRST30™ is tailored to your individual needs, based on the information you give us. We'll only send you the tips you need to help you get most out of your life with lenses, so you and your lenses will soon be living happily ever after!

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