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Contact lenses can bring so many benefits, but you may need a bit of time to get used to them. That is why we have devised ‪‪LENSPAL™‬‬, to help make your transition to contact lenses easier.
It is loaded with bags of easy-to-follow tips and videos, that are personalised to your needs. All of which will leave you free to enjoy the new you with confidence. Here is a quick snapshot of the kind of things ‪‪LENSPAL™‬‬ will be able to help you with during your early days of contact lens wear:

  • Personalised tips and advice based on how you are progressing
  • Personalise and set reminders for yourself such as:
    • When to remove your lenses
    • When to replace them
    • Plan regular visits to your optician
  • Track your daily progress to get timely tips
  • View video tutorials that clearly demonstrate how to put on and remove your lenses

By the end of 30 days, wearing contact lenses will feel like second nature and you will wonder how you ever did without it!

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If you are always on the go, visit the App store or Google play to download ‪‪LENSPAL™‬‬ for yourself today.