We’re so sure you’ll be happy with your ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied with your lenses, we’ll give you your money back. Find out how below.

How To Claim Your Money Back

Contact your eye-care professional to discuss your concerns, they’ll be able to best direct how to resolve any issues.

If you’re still dissatisfied, print and fill out a claim form.

You’ll need to submit the form, receipts, the opened and unopened ACUVUE® boxes to the store from which you purchased the lenses.

If your submission meets the Terms and Conditions listed below, you will receive a refund for your purchase.

Patient Terms & Conditions

1. The Satisfaction Guarantee only applies to ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses and is valid only at participating stores.

2. All refunds are 100% of the cost of the lenses. Professional fees for eye examinations or other services are not included in this offer and will not be refunded.

3. Before submitting a claim, patient will need to visit their Eye Care Practitioner to discuss their dissatisfaction with the contact lenses, as it may be related to eye health or vision. If after this they still wish to claim for a refund, their Eye Care Practitioner will need to validate their claim form with their stamp, date and signature in the allocated box.

4. All claims must be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.

5. All claims must be accompanied by:

  • An original proof of purchase indicating the price paid for the lenses.
  • A completed claim form (this can be downloaded here)
  • All claims for Daily Disposable contact lenses must be accompanied by a minimum of 75% of the quantity of contact lenses purchased in their unopened and undamaged blisters (e.g. 23 lenses out of 30 pack must be unopened and undamaged). All claims for Reusable contact lenses must be accompanied by a minimum of 65% of the quantity of contact lenses purchased in their unopened and undamaged blisters (e.g. 4 lenses out of a pack of 6’s must be unopened and undamaged).

6. Only one claim per person. Only claims made using an official claim form will be accepted.

7. A maximum of 1 year’s supply of lenses can be returned. The claim must be for the amount mentioned on the invoice and up to a maximum of one year’s supply of lenses (730 daily disposable lenses or 52 two-week lenses).

8. Expired lenses will not be accepted for return.

9. This offer is applicable to purchases made from 1st January 2020, to 31st December 2022. This offer can be terminated at any time, without prior notice.